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Destination Wedding Photographer


Hi there! I am Therese and as a true islander I love the following:
• The sea in all its moods
• Long summer evenings spent with good friends – I am blessed with awesome friends who love me
• Music Festivals and dancing – in summer I always find time to go to a couple of festivals to recharge
• Exploring different cultures so travelling makes me extremely happy and creative – I am constantly checking flights and dreaming up routes to travel
• My sister, my boyfriend and my cat – not in order of preference!

I took up photography without ever really thinking where it would take me. I let it lead me and I just snapped and followed this passion, which now grew into becoming my favourite part of my day!

I was never a photographer to start off with, but my mum vouches that I am the author of the endless photos we have of my younger sister. However it took longer than that till I finally stumbled upon photography and took it seriously. Thing is that for me photography is not a serious business, for me it is fun because it lets me communicate and create freely what is on my mind and in my heart.

When I photograph humans, my focus is on their emotions, their expressions, their life story and above everything else I want to give them an experience. The experience of being themselves, having fun and ultimately presenting them with a set of images that captures their story. I am a document-er at heart, so for me telling stories is what I enjoy doing the most!

As a photographer I see travelling as another way of extending my gratitude to the world. Discovering different cultures, talking to diverse ethnicities, and documenting my travels is what makes travel worthwhile. I have a good travel companion whom I wouldn’t change for the world, and his patience allows me to narrate stories of faraway countries with a smile stuck permanently on my face and heart! I suppose being an islander, makes me thirstier to travel because I want to connect to people and cultures so different from mine.

As a wedding photographer I am not after being one of the many businesses who have a template set for documenting your day. I am after telling your story in a unique way because your story is yours alone and deserves my full attention. So I love connecting with couples, getting to know them and also getting to know how they connected and what makes them love with such intensity. I feed off this in order to shoot and create the story you imagine. I don’t like to be seen much, so at your wedding I behave like a friend rather than the photographer full of bulky gear taking center stage at your reception venue. I love capturing those tiny in-between moments that help make up the whole narration.

I genuinely look forward to connect with you to create some great images together! Send me a message and I promise we will have fun!