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Benefits of Hiring a Local Photographer

August 16, 2018


Wayne and Amanda at Red Tower, Mellieha

Malta is the ideal destination for some good location scouting and shooting for couples, however your best bet is hiring a local photographer. Hiring a local means more inside information on unique locations rather than the usual backdrops of the Three Cities, the luzzu in Marsaxlokk or Mdina Gate. Wayne and Amanda, a couple from Taiwan travel a lot for work, and they try and have a couple shoot in every destination they go to. That’s how we met! It started off with a simple request for a two hour shoot but when we met and they showed me which locations they were after, it became clear that we needed more than 2 hours. Even though Malta is tiny by the standards one is coming from, there is still traffic which lengthens the time to get from one place to another.

Apart from that they showed me inspirational photos with mundane backgrounds which were not that inspiring for me anyway. Luckily they trusted me and instead we went to some other less popular venues such as Tal-Lippija Tower in Majjistral Park, l/o Mgarr, The Red Tower in Mellieha, Popeye’s Village (this was their choice and I could understand their attraction to it), Golden Bay Hills in between beaches and Mdina. Now Mdina might be an overkill but this city changes dramatically in daylight with harsh lighting and they were happy to try it out. Go through the photos below to get a sample of the places we visited together!


Wayne and Amanda at Lippija Tower


Wayne and Amanda at Popeye Village




Photos at Golden Bay hills, in between Gnejna Bay and Riviera Bay





A selection of Images shot at Mdina


Benefits of hiring a local

  • They speak the language
  • They know the customs
  • They drive and you can be driven around in their car thus saving time for your precious shoot
  • They know the best spots and the right people
  • They can take you to the best restaurants and parties
  • Someone always knows something or other which will be useful
  • They can give you tips on the best route to take on your shoot/holiday etc
  • They will definitely give you a good historical rundown of the Maltese Islands


Facts about Malta

  • Its small but you can’t cross it on foot
  • Traffic is a problem, no cycling is not ideal
  • It gets hot, like unbearably so
  • It also get cold, like horribly so
  • Its humid (think blow drys and runny make up…)
  • People are helpful, nosy and at times temperamental (heat gets to us!)
  • Knowing a local is best so befriend one
  • Beaches are lovely and seas clean
  • Good choice of food and you can have ice with your drinks
  • Hospitals are very good
  • Traffic is very bad
  • Entertainment is great in summer
  • We lack greenery but have other scenery unique to the Mediterranean