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First Wedding for 2018

Wedding Photography / Off / January 21, 2018

I think I met Nina in 2015. Whatever year it was, it does not really matter. What matters is  that we clicked immediately. She is an avid photographer so our conversations were always full and vibrant. She specialises in concert photography and her work shows how passionate she is about this genre. The next thing I know is Nina telling me she is off to India to meet ‘someone’. Little did I know that this ‘someone’ was the ever so lovely Margit…roll on a few more years and yesterday I had the privilege to shoot their lovely day. The day when they finally said ‘I do’ to one another.

They were surrounded by their closest people and got married at the Registry Office in Valletta. Later on they had drinks at Lower Barrakka, were we had some time to shoot some couple shots, albeit Nina’s objection to posing! Later they drank to celebrate their union.

I even got to get Nina’s bouquet! They did not throw it but they chose who they would have loved to capture it. Nina chose me.

Thank you girls for allowing me to be part of your day thus making me feel more loved….NAMASTE!